Block Ice Shaver 5000

Our brand new design even surprised us with its sturdiness and superior snow production.

The brand new Block Ice Shaver 5000 is an improvement on our acclaimed original Block Ice Shaver. See below for some candid shots of the newest member of the Sno Shack shaver family:

Block Ice Shaver 5000: $4,495

Looking for the Cube Ice Shaver?

Health Codes: Meets or surpasses all health codes. Seamless food zone is easy to clean and non-corrosive.
Snowy Product: The unique features of this shaver combine to consistently make a "snowy" product that absorbs rather than repels flavoring.
Shaving Speed: Adjusts easily while operating. Three (3) hardened tempered stainless steel blades spin at 500 RPM and can fill a 12 oz. cup with snow in 2-3 seconds.
Blade Change: The unique blade wheel and housing slide out. Blade wheel spins off from housing. New blade wheel spins on. Housing slides back into shaver. Takes about 3 minutes every 10,000 servings.
Automation: Ice is motor-fed into blades, not hand-fed. The unique blade wheel design regulates ice cutting force so it is nearly impossible to make an inferior sno cone even with "un-skilled" operation.
Self Clearing Spout: Doesn't clog up due to a slick surface and tapered angle of the spout. Snow shoots directly into the cup.
Ice Loading: Simply push ice into cabinet where it is automatically held in place during operation by pressure flaps.
Clear Removable Door: Worker can observe operations. Safety switch allows operation only while door is on and closed.
Serving Method: Load ice, turn on, push foot pedal or toggle switch and the machine shoots an avalanche of "real snow" directly into the cup. The foot pedal frees operator's hands for easier and faster service to customers.
Drip Pan: Helps keep service area neat and clean (included).
Maintenance: UL listed and other maintenance-free components assure owners of little or no repair work for years. Replacement parts, available.
Technical Specs: Net weight: 95 lbs. Shipping weight: 103 lbs. Voltage: 110. Dimensions: 25" H x 24" W x 12" D. Ice Cabinet Capacity: 7" x 7" x 14" block of ice. Materials Used: Cast aluminum, stainless steel, injected and vacuum formed plastic, UL listed motors and parts.