Cube Ice Shaver

It really does turn chunks of ice into snow, not just smaller chunks.

Our Cube Ice Shaver is designed to produce fine, soft snow from cubed and pressed ice blocks. The pictures on this page show how it works. Below are more details about our Cube Ice Shaver:

Looking for the Block Ice Shaver?

Health Codes: Meets or surpasses all health codes. Seamless food zone is easy to clean and non-corrosive.
Snowy Product: Without making any adjustments, this unique shaver consistently makes a "snowier" product that absorbs rather than repels flavoring.
Shaving Speed: 150 inches of cutting blade surface guarantees quick shaving. Can fill a 12 oz. cup with snow in 3-4 seconds.
Blade Change: The ice paddle and housing slide out. The hardened, tempered steel blade can be changed in just a few minutes.
Insulated Cabinet: Injected structural foam reduces ice melt and operating noise while increasing overall shaver strength.
Clear Removable Door: Worker can observe operations. Safety switch allows operation only while door is on and closed.
Serving Method: Pour in ice, turn on, push foot pedal and turn on toggle switch and the machine shoots an avalanche of "real snow" directly into the cup. The foot pedal frees operator's hands for easier and faster service to customers.
Maintenance: UL listed and other maintenance-free components assure owners of little or no repair work for years. Replacement parts, available.
Technical Specs: Net weight: 40 lbs. Shipping weight: 50 lbs. Voltage: 110. Dimensions: 25" H x 14" W x 12" D. Ice Cabinet Capacity: 8 lbs. cubed ice. Materials Used: Cast aluminum, stainless steel, injected and vacuum formed plastic, UL listed motors and parts.

Replacement Blades, Parts, etc.

Our shavers are made of the best quality materials. However, as with all mechanical devices, some parts will eventually wear out. Below are all the replacement parts we sell.