Special Mixing Combinations

There are thousands of special flavors you can create by combining the basic 80+ flavor concentrates at Sno Shack, like Candy Apple, Creamsicle, Sugar Cookies, and more.



How much syrup?

Sno Shack syrup is a combination of flavor concentrate and sugar water. The ratios are simple and easy to mix.



Mixing Sugar Water

Sugar water is easy to mix. Whether you do it by hand or mechanically, we've got a few tips to help you out.


Top 50 Sno Shack flavors
  1. Tiger's Blood
  2. Strawberry
  3. Blue Raspberry
  4. Sweet Cherry
  5. Pina Colada
  6. Banana
  7. Watermelon
  8. Red Raspberry
  9. Grape
  10. Lemon Lime
  11. Wild Cherry
  12. French Vanilla
  13. Coconut
  14. Black Cherry
  15. Pink Cotton Candy
  16. Sour Green Apple
  17. Pink Bubble Gum
  18. Pink Lemon Sour
  19. Root Beer
  20. Peach
  21. Blue Bubble Gum
  22. Kiwi
  23. Orange
  24. Mango Madness
  25. Lucious Lime
  26. Blueberry
  27. Pineapple
  28. Green Apple
  29. Rock n Roll
  30. Margarita
  31. Black Raspberry
  32. Daiquiri
  33. Sour Grape
  34. Suicide
  35. Passion Fruit
  36. Hawaiian Punch
  37. Cherry Cola
  38. Maui Wowi
  39. Cola
  40. Pokemon
  41. Red Hot
  42. Sour Cherry
  43. Tutti Fruiti
  44. Blue Cotton Candy
  45. Lemon Zesty
  46. Mai Tai
  47. Cheese Cake
  48. Cream Soda
  49. Nectarine
  50. Wild Strawberry

Sno Shack® Flavors

Choose from over 70 Sno Shack® flavors in 1 oz. samples, pints, gallons, and 5-gallon hedpaks

Flavoring your shaved ice is the key to repeat customers. Sno Shack flavors undergo frequent taste evaluations to ensure the very best product for your customers. We offer liquid flavor concentrates in over 80 flavors that expand 32 times. Use the form on this page to select the quantities and sizes you want and click "Add to Cart" to put them all in your Shopping Cart.

$249.95 / Hekpak (5 gallons)
$54.95 / Gallon
$9.95 / Pint
$2.25 / Sample (1 oz.)

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