Shavers & Parts

Our patented Real Snow® shavers are simply the best shavers on the market

When we first got started (over 30 years ago), we discovered that reliable ice shavers that could service our high volume of customers were simply unavailable. So we developed and patented our own shaved ice machines. Our Real Snow® shavers produce finer snow than any other shaver on the market, and are head and shoulders above the competition in reliability and durability. The 5000 series models are NSF certified. We also provide replacement blades, parts, and tools to keep your shaver running smoothly for years.

Sno Shack Block Ice Shaver
NSF Certified

The first step is choosing the right shaver for your specific needs. We offer two types of shavers: the Real Snow® Block Ice Shaver and the Real Snow® Cube Ice Shaver. Deciding between the Block Ice and Cube Ice shavers largely depends on the availability of block and cube ice in your area. See below for more information on the difference between block ice and cube ice. Regardless of which shaver you choose, both shavers produce a fast, fine snowy product.

Block Ice or Cubed Ice...what's the difference?

Block Ice is, well, one solid block of ice. It is made by freezing water directly into a block, usually inside a stainless steel container. The block is fed into the Real Snow® Block Ice Shaver and pressed against the rotating blade which shaves the block smoothly into fine snow.

Cubed Ice refers to the ice cubes sold in plastic bags. You've probably seen them in your local grocery store's ice chest. This type of ice tends to be most commonly available. With cubed ice, simply pour the chunks into the top of the Cube Ice Shaver. The shaver will then grind away at the ice to produce snow.

Replacement Blades, Parts, etc.

Our shavers are made of the best quality materials. However, as with all mechanical devices, some parts will eventually wear out. Below are all the replacement parts we sell.

Blade Wheel with 3 Blade Set $169.50  $149.95

Blade Wheel Replacement Service (3 new blades) $105.00  $75.00
Send us your blade wheel, and we will install 3 new blades and ship it back.

Blades (3, sharpened) $75.00
3 blades already sharpened and ready to be installed.

Blade Wheel (without blades) $49.95
Blade wheel for block shaver, without the blades.

Sharpening Service for Existing Blades $39.95
Just send in your blades, and we'll sharpen them for you.

Block Ice Shaver Complete Blade Wheel Housing $429.00
Complete blade wheel housing for the Block Ice Shaver. Comes with housing spout, blade wheel, shaft and pulley wheel assembly.

Air Pressure Foot Pedal $55.00
Foot Pedal for both Block Ice and Cube Ice shavers

Pressure Flap $42.00
Pressure flap for shavers

Drip Tray for Block Ice Shaver $175.00
Drip Tray for Block Ice Shaver (large).

Cube Shaver Blade (replacement) $65.50
Replacement blade for the Cube Ice Shaver.

Housing for Cube Ice Shaver $389.00
Complete housing for Cube Ice Shaver

Drip Pan for Cube Ice Shaver $150.00
Drip pan for Cube Ice Shaver.

On/Off Switch for Shavers (replacement) $16.95
Replacement on/off switch for both Block and Cube shavers.

Forward/Reverse Switch for Block Shaver $16.95
Forward/Reverse switch for the Block Shaver.

Block Door Hinged at Base $229.00
Block Door Hinged at Base (upgrade for older models)