Start-up Packages

Sno Shack is the cool way to make money this summer.  Whether you live in a small town, a sprawling suburb, or a big city, Sno Shack has an ideal business opportunity. 

We've put together two packages that contain everything you need to get your Sno Shack shaved ice business off and running.  Read the descriptions below and decide which one fits your needs.  Feel free to give us a call if you have questions at (888) SNO-SHAK.

24 48 Pints of Shaved Ice Flavor Concentrates (top 24/48)
24 48 Quart-size Serving Bottles
24 48 Pour Spouts for Serving Bottles
4 6 5 Gallon Headpaks for sugar water
1 1 Extra Lid with Spigot for Dispensing Sugar Water from Hedpak
3 3 Funnels for Shaping Shaved-Ice Cone Tops (small, medium, large)
24 48 Flip Top Caps for dispensing Concentrate from Bottles
24 48 Flavor Labels for Serving Bottles
12 24 1 oz. Bottles for Measuring Flavor Concentrate
1 1 Preservative/Citric Acid Solution for Sugar Water (16 Hedpaks worth)
1 2 24 Bottle Rack For Serving Bottles (Counter Top Model)
2400 2400 Spoon straws (12 boxes of 200)
1 1 Large Red Funnel (For easily pouring sugar into 5 gal. Hedpak)
1 1 Wrench for Hedpack Lids
INTRO DELUXE Plus your choice of shaver:
$3,875 $4,150 Real Snow Block Ice Shaver
$5,075 $5,350 Real Snow Block Ice Shaver 5000 NSF Certified
$2,975 $3,250 Real Snow Cube Ice Shaver
$3,075 $3,350 Real Snow Cube Ice 12-volt Shaver (runs of car battery)