Everything you need to keep your Sno Shack® shaved ice business running smoothly

Serving Supplies

Spoonstraws, case of 10,000 (red) $169.00
Contains 50 boxes of 200 straws (red).

Spoonstraws, box of 200 (red) $3.39

Cup Holder $49.95
Holds 4 sizes of cups. Plastic.

Sno Shack printed cup

Please call 1-888-SNO-SHAK about close-out pricing on Sno Shack logo cups.

Dispensing Supplies

24 Syrup Bottle Rack $135.00
Holds 24 syrup bottles. Dimensions (29'' x 14.5'')

12 Syrup Bottle Rack $115.00
Holds 12 syrup bottles. Dimensions: (15'' x 14.5'')

32 oz. Squeeze Syrup Serving Bottle (case of 12) $22.50
A case of 12 Natural Squeeze type syrup serving bottles. Each bottle holds 32 oz. of syrup.

Long Neck, Clear 32 oz. Serving Bottles (case of 12) $19.50
Case of 12 clear, long-neck, 32 oz. serving bottles for storing and serving flavors

Flip Top Cap $0.45
Flip top caps for dispensing concentrate

Pour Spouts, speed pour (12) $5.50
Bag of 12 pour spouts.

Pour Spouts, Screened (12) $12.50
Bag of 12 pour spouts

Speed Pour Spouts Clear Long Tips (12) $7.25
Bag of 12 pour spout tips

Wrench $25.00
Used to open jugs of sugar water.

5 Gallon Jug $8.75
Use for sugar water. Includes lid.

Spigot for 5 Gallon Jug $4.75
Use for dispensing sugar water from 5 gallon jug

5 Gallon Extra Lid $3.75
One extra lid for 5 gallon jugs.

5 Gallon Jug Extra Vent Cap $0.25

Large Funnel for Sugar Water $11.50
Large red funnel for pouring sugar into 5 gallon jugs

Hand Mixer for Sugar Water $449.00
Used for mixing sugar water

Citric Acid (syrup preservative actuator) 16oz. $6.00
Essential preservative ingredient for mixing flavors from concentrate

Flavor Preservative 16oz. $10.50
Flavor preservative for mixing up flavors from concentrate.